Camp NaNoWrimo Prep Week #3



Count down, Count down. 11 more days to go!

You’ll notice there magically wasn’t a Prep Week #2 post. I spent the time NOT blogging and NOT listening to my own advice, but that’s generally how things work.

I couldn’t spend an entire week on my characters —it felt to0 restrictive. I started diving into Motivations, Conflicts, Relationships,  Scenes…I basically drowned in my pre-writing writing for the past two weeks and loved every second of it.

Now the fun time’s over. We have a week and a day before Camp NaNoWrimo starts.

Be still, my frantic, nervous, excited heart.


Here’s what I plan to have ready to go by our deadline, in hopes of it all making my NaNo experience more successful this go ’round.

Cast: The majority of my characters I THINK I’ll need, with their first draft names and GENERAL personalities. I must say, I stumbled upon 16 Personalities and quickly fell in love with using this approach for my characters. Check it out, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!


Conflicts: Man, I think I went a little overkill on this one. I got main conflicts, side conflicts, conflicts with self, character, nature,  you name it I’ve listed a potential conflict to be included. It will be interesting for me to see which fit into the story best.

Character Goals: I have these for each  “stage” of my novel.


General Outline: This is the main thing I’ll be working on over the next week. I know where my story is starting, what direction it’s heading, and several stops along the way, but I still don’t know the scope of it. How far am I going to go with this novel? Will all the issues be resolved or will it be a series? I have a feeling it will be quite a while before I have any of those answers.


If you haven’t already, sign up for CampNano (My Username is DreamEras )and get ready for cabin assignments!

If anyone’s interested in starting a private cabin hit me up! I believe we can have up to 12 cabin-mates.






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