Pulse Check- Quote of the Week



I’ve struggled with this post, hence why it isn’t going live until almost 8 PM on Monday. When I fell into bed in the wee-hours of Sunday morning I had all of my posts outlined, my Quote of the Week picked out, and had my alarm set to wake up in less than 5 hours to get my day going.

I hit snooze three times, then FINALLY rolled over and picked up my phone to waste a few more precious moments in bed checking my social media feeds. They were all filled with new broadcasts of one thing.


49 dead (I will NOT include the shooter in the death count. I respect authorities wholly for making this amendment) and 50+ injured. All in a few hours of unknown and unimaginable terror.

I didn’t write yesterday. I didn’t do much of anything, really. I kept refreshing the news sites to learn more about the events unfolding in Orlando.

I woke up this morning and realized I hadn’t written a single blog post. My posts seemed insignificant. My quote of the week meaningless. So I decided to do a little something different this week.

I chose images and quotes from the social media news feeds I saw when I first woke up Sunday Morning.


My favorite, by far, although it isn’t very inspiring or thought-provoking.


And then I saw this picture with the simplest of captions “Blood Donations”

It made me realize that we have to focus on more than just the bad. We have to focus on the good that has and will come out of what officials are calling the worst gun massacre in American History. This is what makes us Human.



When I came across this Fred Rogers quote I instantly decided it needed to be the Quote of the Week.


To tie this all back to our main focus on creative writing, I have one thing to say: It is the Humanity that we give our Characters that truly makes our readers fall in love. Make it deep. Make it real.  Make your Characters, and thus your Readers, feel everything there is to feel. Give them a pulse, a heartbeat, and a reason to live.




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