Welcome to Dream Eras!

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I am a part of everything that I have read – Theodore Roosevelt


I’m a life long Bibliophile.

I read when I’m happy. Sad. Energetic. Tired. Crazy. Sane.

Major events in my life have been categorized by the books I was reading at the time.

Summer Before High School? The Tao of Pooh

Crazy Sophomore Summer? Les Miserables

First Heart Break? Twilight (don’t hate, ya’ll)

First major Loss?  Earth’s Children series.

First year in College? The Lovely Bones.

First Pet? Deerskin. (Yes, I did name my Cat after a Main Character…)

Moving in with my first Boyfriend? The Eve Duncan series.

Feeling blue? A Ring of Endless Light.

The list goes on..and on…and on…

I average 2-3 books a week, and I’m currently hung up on the New Adult genre, with every other genre peppered in here and there.

With my love for books I’ve also developed a love for (surprise!) writing.


Dream Eras is all about my two most inspiring hobbies; Reading and Writing.

I hope, if nothing else, you take away a fleeting bit of inspiration, and that you use it well.